Catfish Cooley (Everything You Want to Know About Catfish Cooley)

Catfish Cooley is a standup comedian who has performed for over a decade. Through social media and live programs, Catfish Cooley has enjoyed his success. Catfish is a country living person who enjoys fishing and hunting. He is a proud American with a zodiac sign.

“There is more to know about the man, since he is already blowing people’s minds with his humor. In this article, we will discuss who Catfish Cooley is, how he started his career, and some of the peaks of his private life.”

Catfish Cooley Wiki

One of the most popular comedians in the US is called Catfish Cooley. He portrays a redneck character in those videos and highlights his sense of humor and honesty. One episode of the comedy show Tosh.0 featured a performance by Catfish Cooley, who made his way into the stand-up comedy industry when his viral online videos were featured.

He has been blowing the stand-up comedy industry with his non-matching spirit of humor since then.

Early Years of Life

David Allen Cooley is the real name of Catfish Cooley and he was born in the USA on May 2, 1990. He is a American with a zodiac sign. On social media, there is no information about his family. He does not like to reveal his personal life on the internet.

Catfish is a descendant of a middle-class southern family. He identifies himself as a comedian with redneck characters. In less than five years, Colley made his name in the world of comedy.

Cooley’s Educational Background

Sources say that Catfish completed his early education from his high school. There is no information on his college or degree on the internet. There is nothing more to know about the man.


The grand entry into the world of the internet was made by Catfish Cooley, who began his channel on the internet. He uploaded videos about his daily life, things that bothered him and things that he enjoyed a lot. His videos gained the attention of a lot more people in a short period of time.

In his first comedy video, Catfish Cooley shows how to stop smoking in a hilarious way. The outline of the video helped him get the attention of people.

Whiskey Wednesday began with Catfish Cooley. His video was featured in an episode of a famous comedy show.

He has caught the attention of his fans by being more active on social media.

Check out Catfish Cooley’s Instagram profile for more info…

He is known as the King of stand up comedy. From sold-out tickets to crowded comedy shows, new dates for shows are added to his busy web schedule. The comedians that went on a tour with him included Ginger Billy. He and Andrew Conn went on a US tour together.

Now on his YouTube channel, there are more than 220 comedy videos and he recently hit 200,000 subscribers. His most famous comedy video of redneck has more than 2.2 million views. Cooley uploaded another comedy video on 7th February 2018 entitled “Mad Dog 357 Plutonium _Hotter Than Devil’s Dick. And this video has recently crossed 1.5 million views on the web.

He often uploads videos about eating spicy food and trying to keep his cool. His audience is interested in his sense of humor.

Munica West _ Catfish Cooley’s Wife

“There isn’t much information about Cooley’s life on the internet He has mentioned that he is married to Munica West, unlike his parents and siblings. He kept his marriage date and where they got married a secret. He frequently mentioned his two daughters, Zooey and Tylor, even though he kept his private life low-key.”

Zooey appeared in his online video. He talked about the habits of his daughter and how she still uses a pacifier in that video.

Catfish Cooley Net Worth & Salary

Sources say Catfish Cooley has $400,000 in net worth. He has a huge amount of net worth due to uploading comedy videos. He uses his account as an income source. He charged a lot on the photo sharing site. According to authoritative sources, Cooley made almost $16000 from his videos. The calendar of Catfish Cooley has a lot of upcoming events. He is a hard worker.

Physical Appearance & Clothing Style

Catfish has a short haircut. He shaves his hair for his comedy videos. He has blue eyes, a red beard, and no teeth in his jaw. He keeps it as a special mark.

“For his comedy shows and stages, Cooley always wears a demine suit with no shirt beneath it and a special pirate’s hate. He tries to wear jeans and a t-shirt in real life. His body is covered in tattoos and he has a catfish tattoo on his arm.”

Social Media Life

Catfish Cooley is immensely active on his social media platforms. He uses Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to promote his shows. On his Instagram, he has almost 407,000 followers and 312 posts. Among all his social media presence, his Facebook profile has an amassed audience with over 2.6 million followers. Catfish Cooley rarely communicates with the audience in comment sections but sometimes he answers some of their questions.

Why Chooses Name Catfish Cooley?

His fans and online community wonder about why he chose the name. If you like to watch his videos, you know that his videos start with Catfish sound. His famous sound reminds his fans that they are only watching Catfish.

His gym friends called him the nickname Catfish. There is a reason why Catfish Cooley is called. His gym friends used to mock him for making Catfish sounds when he lifted weights.

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